ROgHA® Pure Cleanse Shampoo

ROgHA® Pure Cleanse Shampoo

A deeper cleansing to manage scalp flaking, excessive sebum (oil), and styling product build-up. 

Recommended Use: 1-2 times per week to maintain a healthy scalp environment; 4-5 times per week if experiencing scalp flaking, excessive sebum (oil) production, and/or itchy scalp. Use on alternating days when used in combination with Daily Cleanse Shampoo.

Everyone will benefit from using Pure Cleanse Shampoo 1-2 times a week as this deep cleansing should be part of everyone's cleansing routine for scalp and hair health. With regular use, Pure Cleanse Shampoo will help prevent styling product build-up on the hair shaft, and gently balance the scalp from the impact of excessive sebum (oil) and/or flaking.

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