pH is a numerical range from 0-14 and measures whether a liquid is acidic (0-6.9), neutral (7) or alkaline (7.1-14). The natural pH of our scalp ranges from 4.5 - 5.5, found to be within the acidic range. This pH is created naturally by the secretion of oil (sebum) and sweat. Using products outside the natural pH range can have a negative impact on the protective layer of the scalp and hair.

The pH is important to the scalp environment to properly maintain the protective layer known as the acid mantle, while also helping to prevent added strain and damage to the hair shaft.

No, we specialize in products that deliver gentle, effective cleansing and re-balancing to support a healthy scalp and stronger hair. We are the foundation to your favorite styling products!

Yes.  Remember, a food intolerance by ingesting gluten and a contact sensitivity to gluten in a cosmetic can be very different.  Products used on your lips, such as lipstick and lip gloss as well as dental products would tend to raise a higher risk of gluten ingestion. A contact sensitivity to gluten can be discovered by a physician performing a skin test to identify a gluten contact sensitivity.

Your scalp and hair benefit from the cleansing and re-balancing treatment immediately. Depending on your specific condition it may take 2-4 weeks for you to see or feel the difference. Keep in mind, our products are designed to properly cleanse and re-balance the scalp and hair, some conditions may require additional attention.  

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