ROgHA: rō-há / Irish noun meaning choice, the choicest, the best

Why ROgHA?

Why the name ROgHA® Hair System?

Rogha (Irish)

From Old Irish rogu. Noun

1. choice, choosing, selection

2. alternative

3. thing or person chosen

4. the choicest, the best

Using the Right Products

As a Certified Trichologist and hair salon owner working with clients that experience a variety of scalp sensitivities and hair concerns, I understand the importance of using products that are effective and gentle, and avoiding products that do not contain known carcinogens or common skin sensitizing ingredients. Frustrated with the hair and scalp products available to my clients, I decided to use my experience and knowledge to develop my own line of hair products.

I knew the list of ingredients that I wanted in my products AND the list of ingredients that I wanted to avoid. I conducted extensive research to find experienced chemists that could make my vision a reality. After traveling to Texas to meet with a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable chemists, I knew I finally had the tools to make a difference!

On my flight home, the question arrived - What should I name the product line? Well, I had no idea honestly, I never gave it a thought, but I did know that I wanted to be as connected to the name as I was to the development of the ingredients.  Being of Irish descent, the choice was easy … and so ROgHA® Hair System was born.

Our Products DO NOT Contain

     - Balsam of Peru
     - Diethanolamine (DEA)
     - Formaldehyde
     - Gluten
     - Mineral oil
     - Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI)
     - Methylsothiazolinone (MIT or MI)
     - Monoethanolamine (MEA)
     - Parabens
     - Phenoxyethanol
     - Phthalates
     - Silicone
     - Sulfates/sulphates
     - Synthetic color
     - Synthetic fragrance/parfum
     - Triethanolamine (TEA)
     - Triclosan

Knowledge is Power

I have always had a passion to increase my knowledge and share what I have learned with others. I strongly believe by sharing knowledge we give others the power to make choices that are better for them.

My mission is to teach others the facts when it comes to hair and scalp wellness, help consumers understand that purchasing hair and scalp care products should be done by making an educated choice, and provide them with products that make hair and scalp care simple, effective and healthy.

Gentle Enough for Cancer Patients

Whether educating my clients, conducting in-salon educational events or presenting on stage to fellow colleagues at health and wellness events, I am very passionate about what I do!  My experience with family, friends and clients going through cancer treatment also led me to recognize the need to develop a program for oncology patients where they could address their concerns about the changes to their hair and scalp while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, and understand the choices available to them.

Hair and Scalp Wellness During Chemotherapy and Radiation is a free educational program available to men, women and children throughout their cancer treatment.  During the two years it took me to develop this program, I incorporated information from personal experiences with family, friends and clients, my trichology, cosmetology and cosmetic chemistry knowledge, and feedback from oncology medical professionals to create a program that patients would find most valuable to address their hair and scalp concerns while undergoing cancer treatment.

Make the Healthy Choice

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